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Seaway 7

In 2018, Seaway 7 was awarded the contract for the installation of 32 wind turbine generators for the Borkum West II wind farm project. During the installation of the monopiles, an HSD noise mitigation screen had to be deployed around the monopiles. XPRTHUB designed the modification of the outrigger of the Seaway Yudin required for the installation of the screen around the monopiles including a deploying basket. After the monopile installation, a so-called airtight floor had to be installed into the monopiles.

A custom lifting frame was designed by XPRTHUB to manipulate the airtight floor into the monopiles and to line up the flange of the airtight floor with the flange inside the monopiles. The installation of the airtight floors was therefore carried out much faster than planned.

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